Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Olivia's bucket quilt

I finished Olivia's bbucket (carseat) quilt today! (Inspired by Aimee Ray's woodland creatures baby bumpers in Quilt's Baby).

And an idea I came up with ... when I hand sew the binding of the quilt (the only hand sewing that I do, except for the embroidering I guess), I like to sit on the couch and watch tv. I find myself looking quite often for one or all of my tools as little people sometimes like to move them (or they fall behind the couch etc.) So now I keep my scissors, thread, thimble and needle all together in this handy baby food jar and it works great! No frustration (or nervousness) about where my needle is and if someone might step on it!


Stacy said...

hey cute quilt i miss my sewing machine hoping to get it fixed right away i will phone next week for a visit

simon said...

so sweet! I just finished another quilt top. I hope to get it sandwiched tomorrow. I got a new machine with a walking foot, so I will attempt some of stipling business. I've only done straight lines when quilting, so I'm a lil apprehensive. Your quilt is just beautiful. And great tip about the baby food jar!

RachellaBella said...

GORGEOUS quilt, Kim! I just love it!
Hey, (long, long ago) I made my 'quilting jar' from a 1-cup canning jar and made the top into a pin cushion. I'll sent you a pic, it's quite handy too!

nicole said...

really lovely quilt kim!! great job with it.

RachellaBella said...

Kim: you've made me realize that I too need a bucket quilt. What were your finished dimensions to this cute little number?


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