Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quilt Process (a commissioned quilt)

So, I'm breaking a quilt rule. And that is not to start another project until the last one is finished. But I think I have a good reason. I have been asked to make a quilt for one of my friends (actually for her MIL). So I have been given the task of cutting up baby clothes from the 80's to make into a quilt. I had to think about it for a while, and went into my favorites on flickr to find some inspiration. The inspiration comes from this quilt and this quilt.

So I have been cutting up the clothes into 5 inch squares and will mix it up with white squares for the front. The back I am planning to make out of white flannel with a few of the favorite pieces from the clothes placed strategically. Thinking I will quilt it with straight lines (and try out my walking foot).

A terrible photo of my idea ... I wanted to see if it would look okay and also approximately how large the quilt would be. My friend would like a fairly large quilt ... I think it will be a lap size.

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The Hunter Family said...

What if you did it more random and included more types of fabric??? It would like it was random and therefore more connected??? Does that make sense? Congrats on the commission gig.


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