Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quilt Progress

Funny how a phone call can get you going ... I've been steadily working on this quilt since May - a commissioned quilt for a friend made out of baby clothes. Jody called me yesterday and they are coming for a play date tomorrow. I wanted to show her my progress - so I'm happy to report that I am ready to start the quilting process - today I finished the quilt sandwich.


Jude said...

i am in awe... i don't think i have enough patience to make a quilt!! ;)

Terri @ said...

Wahooo! It looks awesome and I'm sure your friend will thrilled. If it were me, it might make me cry a little to see the baby clothes in such a beautiful new way.

School is out next week. I'll call and set up a date.

nicole said...

it looks awesome kim!


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