Thursday, July 22, 2010

The quilt

I dropped off the commissioned quilt today ... and she really liked it! She also said I should consider making quilts to sell. It's a thought ... in the meantime I have to pack up my house and move and then once the house is in order (or I have time to set up the sewing station and I find the box) I will continue on making the orange quilt for our bed. After that I have another quilt swirling around in my head (the fabric is here waiting to be cut and I want to make Olivia some quilted bibs and some mini art quilts. Did I mention I like quilting?


Terri @ said...

Glad that you have it DONE! :)Happy packing!

Heather said...

Moving is mentally exhausting even without three kids . . . but enjoy the process. :) Every little bit of it is good, as I'm reminding myself. Especially in those tiring late nights nursing around the clock!

Jude said...

i know you could sell your creations!! have fun making Olivia some cute bibs!!


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