Thursday, September 23, 2010

More bibs!

Olivia doesn't wear bibs. She can't stand the plastic or the velcro ones - she just rips them off! So when she actually kept the one on that I made for her a few weeks ago, I thought I'd better make some more. (She must just really like the cute quilting fabric I choose). The other nice thing about this project was that I realized that I do have some cute fabric in my stash that I could easily make into something beautiful!


Terri @ said...

Ooooo...she cares about fashion already. Must be fun to finally have a girl. I see many happy hours of shopping in your future :)

Jude said...

too much cuteness!

RachellaBella said...

Love the bibs! I wondered what you used for the back? more quilting cotton/jersey/terry? You inspired me to make some bibs for Paityn but I tried jersey which I'm needing practice sewing and well, they're very ruffle-y and not intended to be so. I'm going for a second run with quilting cotton!

Brown English Muffin said...

The are adorable!!!


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