Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's spring break here ... and maybe spring is on it's way! There is so much snow on the ground, but the temperature is rising and it's starting to melt! Good thing we had the new eavestroughs put on the house last week - just in time! So glad I have had some time to be crafty this week:


1. Master bedroom quilt: in the process on being quilted. I've decided to do some echo quilting on this one. It feels good to be on the home stretch with this quilt - I've been working on it for a long long time! (Like almost a year).
2. Lizzy House quilt: I have completed the front and back of this - it's waiting to be sandwhiched. I have decided to use adhesive spray to baste this one - I'm hoping there won't be as much shifting and slipping as I get with pins (and I pin every 4 inches when basting).
3. I'm still waiting for my Hope Valley fabric to come from FabricWorm. In the meantime, I've been drooling over some of these projects I found on Flickr:

1. 'Hope Valley' pin cushion, 2. Sewing machine cover in 'Hope Valley', 3. patchwork squares pillow, 4. Hope Valley Quilt back, 5. Hope Valley pillow, 6. Two tiered skirts, 7. Binding the Hope Valley Quilt, 8. Hope Valley quilt-the back, 9. a hope valley queen sized quilt, 10. Supernova quilt, 11. { handkerchief corners }, 12. Hope Valley Patchwork Squares

1. Joshua baby book
2. Romance mini
3. 2010 Daily December
4. One Little Word Course project. Continuing to work on my March prompt.

Blog books: (no work done this week)
1. 2007
2. 2008
3. 2009
4. 2010
5. 2011

Photo books:
1. from 2010 (I made a book for January 2011 - can you believe I filled a book with 22 pages just with January pictures? And I did not put all of the photos in that I took. I take a lot of pictures! - planning to send it off to Apple so I can hold it in my hands and enjoy it!)

This week's stats:
1. New Projects:0
2. Completed Projects: 0
3. Abandoned projects: 0
4. Currently in Progress: 12


Susanne said...


Every one keeps talking about Hope Valley!!!! I did a quilt with HV over the holidays, but it seems like it's getting BIG and now I keep thinking I should be buying MORE???

I love your mosaic!! :D

RachellaBella said...

Hello Spring! (where ARE you? lol!) I'm lovin' Hope Valley too -- can't wait to see your fabulous fabric!

Lee said...

Such beautiful HV projects - thanks for including mine in your mosaic! Have fun quilting those WIPS. Thanks for linking up! : )

Heather said...

Promise you'll go shopping for fabric with me when I go visit you some day!


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