Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thank you!

photo by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches

Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail from Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches.  She sent me this little bundle of fabrics to thank me for reading her blog.  I have to say that the pleasure is all mine Jolene!  I enjoy reading your blog - you inspire me so.

Jolene has made some extremely beautiful and interesting quilts ... many of them are favorites in my flickr group.  You can read her blog here, check out her flickr account here to see all her beautiful quilts, and buy one of her beautiful creations in her etsy shop here.

I'm excited to see what I can make with this little bundle ... I especially like the owls!  I've already decided  to use one of Jolene's quilts as my inspiration jumping off start ... now which one should I use ...

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The Hunter Family said...

How fun!!! Congratulations on your big win :)


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