Thursday, July 05, 2012

June Progress

June was a wonderful month filled with exciting adventures (a wedding in Washington, a Seattle Mariner's game, a visit to see a new nephew, and baseball games), and so this is my excuse for the minimal crafty progress I have made.

My goals for June:
1. Commissioned Quilt. Start on this!  I finalized the design and now have started on the stars using Elizabeth Hartman's instructions from her book: The Practical Guide to Patchwork (Superstar pattern).  Lots of work to go on this one!

2. Baby bucket quilt for William.  This one is off the list - they have something else to use for this.
3. May and June prompts for OLW.  I didn't even look at this one.  

July Goals:
1. Commissioned Quilt.
2. May, June, July prompts for OLW.

Other projects that are on my list (for me to tackle in the future):
1. Use the beautiful fabric sent to me from Jolene (Blue Elephant Stitches). 
2. Make a quilt for Olivia (I already have the fabric)
3. Joshua's baby books (put pictures in the beautiful book my friends made for us, and make him a shutterfly baby book).
4. Deal with my photos:
a) print and put in albums Sept 2009 to November 2010 and June to August 2011 and 2012
b) deal with the huge box of photos under my desk (2005-2009)
5. Hang up photos and artwork we have framed on our walls.
6. December Daily 2011.
7. Hope Valley Quilt. 

Lofty goals ... but 15 minutes at a time I can get it all done! Go me!

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