Monday, January 15, 2007

Ali's challenge

Ali's challenge :"This week, locate the definition of your word and copy it onto a 3x5 notecard and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday."

I made this sign to remind me of my words (the front), their definitions(the back) and my goals (on the inside) for 2007 -- it's sitting on my inspiration shelf in my scrapbooking room. Thanks for looking .... off to go create!


Karla said...

OOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE girl...I sure have been missing a lot these past couple of weeks. I hope to have more free time soon so I can come and stalk your talented booty! LOVE THIS!!!! And what a good word! -Karla

Stacy said...

i am with karla kim those are gorgeous!!!!!! i need to work on some stuff tonight i think lol!!!!!!

Ronda P. said...

Sooooo coool! I love it and love how you displayed it. The heart is so awesome and the words powerful!

Lynne.x said...

This is fab Kimberly.
I've not completed mine - hope to get some done later today 8D


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