Monday, January 15, 2007

Anti-procrastination day

This is a layout I started in November for one of Ali's challenges ... tonight I decided to stop procrastinating and get it done!
Joel update: my little sweetness ... today he had a 3 hour nap (which is very unusual ... I was missing him, but also got a ton of housework done!) Tonight, he asked to go to bed ... we were playing and he said "yougie" and was pointing to his room and then put his head on my shoulder. I said "do you want to go to bed?" His adamant reply "YA". He's definitely got an opinion these days - from the books we read together, to the food he eats, to what he wants to do (usually it's go "brmm brmm" which means lets go downstairs and play with the trains). This is such a fun age, I'm loving every minute of it. Now, I'd better get going to bed because our mornings start early (gotta stop being such a night owl and become an early bird lol)!

PS. Under each of the small layouts is journalling about each individual influence/stage of my creative transformation.


Karla said...

Holy Mac...This LO is so simple and so geometric and I am so loving it. I meant 'simple' in a complex way!LOL!!!! And a 3 HOUR NAP????? Shoot your a lucky gal. Do you do that often?

Now the "brmm brmm" is too cute! Have fun and let me know how becoming a early bird goes. When you get to that stage give me some pointers kay? :)

Oh...and thanks for your sweet words. I appreciate them all

Lynn said...

This is great! Good for you for getting it done!!!! Have a good one...

Tannis said...

I love "your style" kim! You are backdating challenges? Look at you! I haven't posted mine for a while with the whole computer thing. I am using the word one for HOF. Keep up the great work

Ronda P. said...

Kim all those little phrases are so precious. Keep a journal to remember them. They pass all too quickly! Glad you got to take advantage of that nap!

On the other note, that layout is awesome. Love your style & how you included journaling under each square!


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