Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No dress rehearsal ... this is our life!

Matt and I went to see the Tragically Hip last night! What an awesome concert ... my second Hip concert and Matt's seventh. He said it was his second favorite Hip concert ever. It was really nice to have an evening out with my man and to enjoy a good concert together. I think my favorite part of the concert was what was showing behind them on the screen ... at some other concerts I've been to there has been dancers and crazy stuff but they had video of nature - like giraffes and lions and hippopotmus' as the back drop to their rock music. A fun evening out!


Stacy said...

cool i think hubby and i are going sometime real soon but today i have a date with my first born!!!he wants to go out for supper with mom!!! i am glad coz i am sure this wont last much longer lol!!!!

Lynn said...

good for you guys It is so good to get out and just enjoy each other for a change!! I'm so glad you had a good time!

jessi said...

I found your blog!!! stacey had a I thought I would visit!! how fun to go out to a concert!!! sounds like fun! and I love your Style LO for Ali's challenge!!Still haven't done mine yet...oops!! have a greta night!!

Anonymous said...

i had a chance to go and i regrettingit now! :o(

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

I have missed so much on your nice to catch up.


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