Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Before and After

Today I got a new haircut ... with red, copper and dark brown highlights (not so sure about the red ... you can't tell in the picture but it's bold!) Happy to see that my curls are back ... they relaxed when I got pregnant with Joel and I missed the curliness!

Joel update: lately anytime Matt or I cheer, or there is cheering on the tv he cheers too! Sooo Cute! He walks around with his arms in the air saying "ya ya ya" (I haven't caught him with my camera yet, not for lack of trying!) I did catch a side view of his "I don't know" gesture. Life is so much fun with a toddler. I'm off to bed 'cause tomorrow starts early!


Stacy said...

k i will have to see it in person !!!! maybe sunday we can get together i need some scraptime next week is a long week for me lol and i am not looking forward to it!!!lol

Karla said...

Oh that is good that you did a little somethin for yourself. Do you like it? I really can't tell but I CAN see that you are smilin' a whole lot so that must be a good thing!

Say...your son is a doll. Cute shot. so happy to see a momma all tingly over the mother thing! Too cool.

And your right...those curls are to die for! LUCKY GAL!!!!

Chat soon -Karla

Lynn said...

getting your hair done makes you feel sooooo good! Looks great! have a great day!


Tannis said...

we will have to check it out! P.s.- my bro asked me to decorate his palce. I loved your combe and he wants greens and earthtones. don't suppose you have leftover paint chips somewhere? Maybe i will have to come over and snap a few pics. he wants me to "design to sell" it and he is going to work in Fort St.John for a while to work. call ya soon

toya said...

aww, your haircut looks good on you

Ronda P. said...

Too cute! I love it! Trying to grow mine out so I am resisting the urge to cut it! I think we have the same colors going on(Except Red with Copper & blonde highlights here)! I get mine touched up on Tuesday! Need it desperately...and now I am rambling! I am so impressed at how you constantly capture those precious times with Joel!

Anonymous said...

look hoe cute you look!!!! Love th enew do! You will get use to the red...i am sure it looks fab girl!

Dont you just lov eht at age...Nicky does it all the time....he even makes us do it...will com eand grab our hands and clap them for us! Cutie patootie!

Have a great weekend girl!!!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Youe hair cut looks great!


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