Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm finally home ...

And I'm so glad! Where to start ... this weekend (well Sunday and Monday) were supposed to be just a fun time with my sister - buying our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding this summer and going to the bridal show. The bridal show was fabulous fun - got to see some ideas for flowers and invites and styles - the fashion show was pretty cool. Sunday night we made the decision that we would be driving to Lethbridge on Monda, to go visit my Grandpa in the hospital .... he's in ICU and so sick. So Dad made arrangements in the morning and us girls all went dress shopping! We found the prettiest dress that will look great on all of us - brown and flowy - love it! Then off to see Grandpa ... baby Noah, Kara, Dad, Joel and I in an SUV driving for 5 hours. Very interesting - the babys did really well, a few stops to feed them and then they mostly slept. Grandpa looked awful when we got there but by morning he was looking a whole lot better! Happy days! So I'm home again ... hopefully to get life back to normal before my next little trip (which is Sunday ... back to Edmonton for another family function!).


Ronda P. said...

So cool you found dresses you all like. That's quite an accomplishment. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I will keep him in my prayers.

Lynn said...

we are doing some dress shopping on Saturday, can't wait! Might be a bit stressful but hope to find something!!! Glad you are back safe and sound, I love road trips when my kids were babies, not it is chaos unless of course they have the dvd on! lol Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

glad you found a dress that you will like ...and BROWN!!! Extra bonus! Glad to hear grandpa is doing a little better! Def a happy day with that!

Have agreat day....dafe trip home!


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