Monday, January 29, 2007

My weekend ...

A big weekend, but a goodie!

Scrapbooking ... I got three pages done (see in previous posts) and also some cards!
Partying ... an anniversary party and a baptism party! How fun is that?
Travelling ... went to Edmonton on Sunday for church and a party, great time there ... got to hold my nephew and see some friends we don't see often enough. And happy happy happy ... my husband came with us (my sister has started calling him MR. Snufalupogous these days becuase he's been so busy and can't come to many events ... does he really exist? Yes he does!)


Stacy said...

hes getting so big man kim great work on the card !!!!!!

Lynn said...

Great job!!! What a little sweetie, almost makes me want one....I said almost!! lol He is a doll though! Have a great day!



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