Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CK's Top Ten Issue - review

So I promised Toya a review of the CK Top 10 ...

My Top Ten Picks from the mag ...
1. I like the "snow baby" layout on p34 and think I could use one of those sketches for a page I have swirling around in my head. I think that it's an interesting combination of yellows and blues for a winter page - unusual and quite lovely really.
2. I like Amanda Probst's idea of journalling on the lines of the window in the photo of her son on the bus. Very clever! Like the design of this layout too.
3. Always love Ali's work and her tips. Great article and I love her layouts - especially her Thankful layout on page 92.
4. The R1800 printer - sooooo want this. (That's the thing with this hobby, or should I say addiction ... there's always something to dream about!)
5. I like those Modern Romance Papers from Daisy D's -- really loving swirly flowery patterned paper that is sorta muted to make a great foundation page instead of Cardstock these days.
6. Loved Natalie Bensimhan's layout on page 121 - love all that doodling and flowers and leaves! Wish doodling was something I was good at -- but alas ...
7. May Iren's layout on page 125 is just lovely! Those flowers and the sweet pics of her kids are fabulous against the green background she chose.
8.Some interesting ideas for ribbon by Jennifer McGuire -- mostly would like to get my hands on the ribbon in the sweepstakes on page 138 (guess I'd better enter).
9.Got some nice ideas from Becky Higgin's extras -- like her layout of "binkie girl"on page144 -- an interesting break away from her usual style (we're all entitled to try new things) Think I might lift this one.
10. Liked Becky's idea of matting photos to look like poloroids ... an interesting thought for heritage photos.

When looking at the "scrapbooker of the years" entries, I kept thinking -- I sure wish I had entered. I didn't enter the HOF contest this year like I did last year because on reflection, I didn't feel that my "art" was up to the callibre of the "art" in CK. I really feel these days that I'm coming into my "groove" and I'm really really liking what I'm creating. I guess if it's my goal to have a least one layout published I should start entering.

Hope you all have a lovely day! As Ronda says - I'm sending you love!
PS. Check out my new blog ... kimberlywhitedesigns which showcases my work. You can find a link under MY DESIGNS.


Stacy said...

very insightful love the new gallery anything going on on sunday in your house??

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I may have to thumb through this next time I see it.....

Ronda P. said...

Love Right Back 2 u! Love the new gallery! Totally Awesome! I love that color page from the Top Ten. So cool! So happy to hear you found your groove...I so totally agree!


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