Friday, February 02, 2007

Ali's Challenge

"This week I want you to take a look at those "extras" that are truly delighting you right now and making you want to create. Make a list and then CREATE a layout that details your favorites. " (from this weeks aezine)

Here's my take on the challenge (I added my essentials too ... which was the last Ali challenge) Thanks for looking!

Joel update: Ouch is his favorite word today (whether it hurts or not) so cute! Missing Daddy at his curling bonspiel - he'll be home on Sunday yippee! We had a delicious meal with Grandpa and Grandma tonight. Joel was pretty funny - Grandma let him try and feed himself spagetti and he had it everywhere but his mouth - she's much more daring than I am, he's wanted to feed himself for awhile and I let him to a point. The visit was nice - for Joel to have grandparent time, and nice for me to have some adult interaction. Speaking of which ... my friend Cara came over this morning with her little man for a play date - a nice way to start the day! Have a great weekend!


jessi said...

maybe that is what I will work on when I see you Ali challenge!!! I am determined this year to stay on top of them!!! Love how you include both of the challenges...hmmmmmmmmm...I think I feel a scraplift coming!!! have a great day and see you tomorrow!!!

oh...and the kits??? I use as much as I can in the month...then I meld it into the rest of my stash to mix and match at a later date!!! scrap paper goes into my scrap box and left over embellishments get put away with similar items!!!

Lynn said...

You lucky girls getting togethr to scrap!!! This is great Kim! totally awesome!


Karla said...

This is FREAKIN' CUTE!!!! I love it honey and isn't Jessi a riot! LOL!!!!


Linda said...

Very nice. Like your lo alot. (Havent done mine yet...first time I'm late this year....


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