Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Kit

It worked so well last month, that I'm doing it again! Last night I worked on getting my February kit together. I looked through my stash and picked out some beautiful and challenging patterned paper and embellishments. The cool thing about having a kit for the month is that it has totally changed how I am scrapbooking. Before I used to agonise over the perfect paper and the perfect embellie and it would take me hours to do one page. Now I just go to my kit if I have an idea or if I'm working on a challenge! No more rummaging through a huge pile of papers to find just what I want. Also, now when I go shopping I actually go to the lss with a plan ... for instance, I'm really liking Heidi Swapp flowers these days - they just inspire me, so I've used up almost all my stash and I just went and got a whole bunch more. Anyway, one more thing about my kits - I noticed that even though it was my intention to use it all, it didn't happen ... so what do you guys do with your kits when that happens? Is it on to the next kit or do you finish what you started?

Joel update: He is officially weaned - no more "dougie" and it's good - I was really worried about me and him being ready and I'm happy to say that we were. I think that this is really helping with the whole sleeping through the night thing ... most nights he is now and it's a happy happy occasion.

My kit supplies:
Patterned Paper:
1. Autumn Leaves Superstar collection - superstar, power house, super striped, rock start, hotshot
2. American Crafts: the Goods collection - frosting, confetti, boutoniere
3. Chatterbox: scrapbook walls collection - light tapestry
4. Michaels: slab 4 - green
5. Junkitz: Teresa Collins Love line words
6. Creative Imaginations: Anthology collection: Pink roses (yes it was in January's kit too - I really really like it), Raspberry swirl, Diamond Filagree, Mint swirl
7. Bohemia: Blossom Girl Floral/ light pink
1. 97% complete tag
2. KI memories Peices of me painterly tag
3. Autumn leaves Superstar punch out chip tags
4. Heidi Swapp Journalling Spots Ledger 1
5. GinX imagination project artistix cotton art tabs
6. Daisy D's remarkable tag rubons
7. Making Memories simply stated remember rubons
8. Making Memories de.fined believe stickers
9. Pebbles Inc Real life tags Cardstock stickers
10. K&Company wordstickers
11. Making memories inner pages and outer cover minibook

I must have felt ambitious about this month when I picked all this. We'll see what I come up with. Have a great night. I have to go shovel the walks and take out the garbage before Grey's Anatomy starts. I better hurry!


Lynne.x said...

I am totally addicted to the Heidi Swapp blooms too Kimberly ...... they are fab.

Lynn said...

I love them too! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Have fun!

Tannis said...

you make your own kits? or you get them from a site? Heard I was invited to your pad on Sunday, I will be there with bells on, p.s, fab stuff you've been up to

Ronda P. said...

I'm going to try your idea! It sounds like a great way to tackle Ali's challenge! I can't wait to see what you create! So glad to hear you & Joel made it through. I know it must have been tough but you're doing the right thing!

nicole said...

Found your blog through Ronda's...just have to say I LOVE this idea - when I get a kit it's seems so easy to use it up - when I look at my overflowing drawers I don't know where to start!!! After I get through the two 'actual' kits I have waiting for me I WILL be doing this - thanks for the great idea and inspiration!


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