Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative Monday

So tonight is my night to create - dh is working (but if he's not working he's curling so I always have the night to myself after ds goes to bed!). I had Toya's inspiration wednesday thoughts about scraplifting swirling about in my head and actually had two layouts swirling around in there too. This is what I came up with tonight - getting too late to work on the other (I'll have to work on it tomorrow). So I scraplifted myself. Can you do that??? Well I did. The first photo you see is one I did in January and the second is the scraplift I did tonight. Totally loving it if I do say so myself. Also loving my Making Memories loot. Thanks for looking (and commenting!)

Joel update: he said "vacuum" the other day - just LOVES the vacuum cleaner - I'm going to have to teach him how to vacuum before he figures out that it's "work". Joel also has this cute little word for flowers/plants/trees -greee (the gr is rolled, don't ask me how he figured that out). He's such a smiley happy boy - he's the joy of my life and I thank God for him.


nicole said...

Nice layouts Kimberly!! So fun when you can lift yourself :) Also does your son have the bluest eyes ever??? So funny that he rolls the g - my daughter rolls her tongue when she says fish and duck - no idea on that came about but it's cute just the same!!

Stacy said...

joel is so silly but daivd when he was like 18mths or so he was the best vacuumer ever !! as long as joel does not get scared by it jesse did so it was hard for him but i say teach him-great lift i love that pic of you guys always beautiful !!!

Karla said...

GOLLY!!!!! You are on fire with your LO's honey! Totally makes me in the mood!

Your son is freakin' ADORABLE with those overalls on :)

You have a fantastic day girl

camport said...

Oh, he is so stinkin' cute. Felix loves the the vaccuum cleaner, too. Simon was terrified of it at this age.

Love the LO. Are the flowers part of the design on the paper, or did you stamp them on? Love it, and was thinking of lifting myself the other day. Great minds think alike, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

i have tried to scraplift myself...for some darn reason...i

Both look great!!!

Have a greta day girl!

jessi said...

love that boy...he is too cute!! and yeahuhuh it's okay to scraplift yourself!!! I love that LO you did in January and the lift of it is pretty rocking too!! have a fabby day!!

~Telah said...

I was here blog-hopping to day and had to comment to say, Love those blue eyes! He is such a cutie!


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