Monday, February 26, 2007

Tagged by Stacy

1. find the nearest book
ok got it the book and author
Thorn in my heart by Liz Curtis Higgs
3.turn to page 123
She gazed down the road toward Lochbank Farm and Maxwell Park beyond it. She could not risk her ladyship seeing her in such a disheveled state - muddy old shoes, drugget dress, her hair barely tamed in an unruly braid. Still, Lady Maxwell seldom ventured across the open park grounds, preferring instead her walled garden.
5. tag 3 more people: Chrissy, Rhi, Nicole

Thanks for the tag Stacy!
PS. If you check out my gallery blog I list all the goodies I use on my art there!


camport said...

Love the page. Where did you get all that MM stuff?!? Thanks for the tag, too. I did that same one a few days ago, and I am boring. I have no good books around, just my hubbys medical books.

I almost bought the Look Book the other day. Do you have it? If so, is it good?

Seeing all your creativity makes me want to scrap...


Stacy said...

hee hee did you read jessi's lol love it glad you took the tag !!


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