Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I haven't spent much time creating this week ... mostly because I've been working on my "creating" nights (I try to scrap while Matt curls on Monday and Wednesdays), and also because I'm stuck on the project I'm working on. Anyway, thought I'd tell you about some of the cute "joelisms" these days!

1. doggie (the standard word he said for pretty much everything but just with different inflictions, now becoming just for the dog and for breastfeeding(dougie?) which we are no longer doing! Weaned for one week - hooray us - although I have to say that I miss that cuddle time).
2. mamma
3. daddy
4. brmmm brmmm - his trucks, his train, and big trucks that we see out in the world ( so cute how he points them all out)
5. yougie - water, a cookie, basically food in general
6. ya
7. no
8. duckie
9. nana (bananna)
10. Donda - auntie Rhonda
11. donder - down there, down stairs
And then assorted babbling and pointing to get what he wants! He's always been a dancer when music is on, but now he is singing (jibberish) and dancing to his own tune! Sooo sweet. I sure love my little man.

Went to bible study this morning at church ... was reminded of one of my favorite verses and thought I'd share it with you ... In John 10:10 Jesus said "The thief comes to only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I come that they may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). What a great promise to treasure in my heart! Sending you love! Kim


Stacy said...

love the baby giberish always loved that stage til they got mad then it was like where did the cute baby go? we have pre apporval for that house i dont think we are going to buy it though not sure its me i am still looking i was looking tonight over by the area your other house is in i like some over there but can not find a web site to look which i would like to do before i get involved with the company anyways talk soon

Ronda P. said...

What a great verse! Thanks for the lift! Love the Joelism. Great way to record it!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Kimberly.. Oh how adorable, great to record his little way of talking, tooo soon they grow,and you think you'll remember, but you do forget so much..
That verse is an amazing promise, and It's special to me too.. :o)

ps,thanks for the link, hope you don't mind if I link you too.

Josh said...

Joelism....That is awesome! He is so cute. Thanks for checking my blog out. And yes God is amazing how He pairs you with the right mate!

Have a nice nite!


Tannis said...

i too miss the cuddle time when nursing:( vaughn blows me off now like sorry i got it. waaaa. this is quite the busy joint these days, your blog


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