Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Thanks for the tag Tannis!

A=Available - nope, absolutely in love with my man!
B=Best Friend - my sisters Kara and Rhonda
C= Cake or pie - definitely my mother in law's banana cream
D= Drink of choice - love Coke, working really hard to drink good old H2O
E= Essential item you use everyday - my computer
F= Favorite color - used to be navy blue - now I'm loving kraft cardstock, (so brown I guess, and green and pink)
G= girlie girls!!! Want one - have a ds now but we'll see ....
H= Hometown -Edmonton Alberta
I= Indulgences -scrapbooking and potatoe chips (ripple with curry dip)
J= January or February - february because it's 31 days closer to summer then January!
K= Kids and Names -Joel, but someday I'll have an Olivia and hopefully a couple others!
L= Life is incomplete without... God and my family
M= Marriage date - June 19,2004
N=Number of siblings- 2 fabulous sisters
O= Oranges or apples - apples
P= Phobias or Fears - working on no fear here!
Q= Favorite Quote - Love quotes ... too many to choose from!
R= Reason to smile - Joel saying "mamma" or laughing or just being my little man!
S= Season -SUMMER
T= Tag 3 or 4 people -Chrissy
U= Unknown fact about me - I'm shy. No really I am. When I know you I'm not, but if I don't know anyone I get a little nervous.
V= Vegetable you don’t like - Celery (but I'm actually starting to cook with it which is amazing! Much less picky then I used to be about food .... still picky just less lol)
W= Worst habit - hmmmmm .... not going to bed when I know that my little alarm clock will wake me EARLY with a "mama"
X= X-rays -3 times as a kid for breaking my L arm (on 3 different occasions)
Y= Your favorite food - potatoe chips, (are they a food????), swedish meatballs, steak ....
Z= Zodiac Sign - I don't have a clue.


Sarah said...

So much fun to read :) Thanks for the lovely post you left on my blog!! Sarah

camport said...

oh! I've never been tagged! How cool!.Sleepin kid on left arm, typing one handed. Will post tag later on this am...

:) Chrissy

Lynn said...

Love reading these things, great way to get to know someone! have a great day!


jessi said...

Loved it kim!!! very cool!! have a great day!!

jessi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stacy said...

i think they are food at least they are in my house curry dip never have tried that you may have to share that one tee hee !!!

Jude said...

Okay, I keep seeing your name on all my pal's blogs, so I had to come be nosey too... LOL. I have been tagged to do this quiz as well...I am with you on the celery too...cooked in a soup is one thing, but I cannot do raw. (unless there is an entire jar of peanut butter involoved!)

Lynn said...

Hey Kim! Thought i'd pop over and let ou know that I would love tohave a crop with you girls! Let me know when your next one is and i will see what I can do! The invitation works both ways you girls could come to Calgary for a day of Shopping and then cropping! Sounds like fun to me!!! Have a good night!


Mike, Rachelle & Carter DeHaan said...

I just love peeking at your blog, Kim. and I do so regularly even tho I may not leave comments. Your talent astounds me -- what a gift you have! It makes my heart fill with pride for you. I have to drive down to RD and snoop in your scrapping room. I'm still overwhelmed by scrapping (is that what the cool kids still call it?) but I'm so intrigued and I walk the aisles at Michael's everytime I'm there... oh, and that's very often.

chanel said...

a good way to get to know you! love your scrapbooking work too!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Love your list!

Ronda P. said...

Love learning more about you! If your shy, I am so glad you approach me because I think you are amazing!

Tannis said...

u dont love celery? well, I may just have to stop coming by...lol! call me about our "square" i have appointment for the 19th if that works. tell me when your birthday and i will tell you your zodiac sign :)


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