Friday, June 08, 2007

3 art cards!

Art card #12

Art card #13 (done on the road! Woo hoo - 13 days in a row of a little burst of creativity!)

At card #14 (went to the zoo today with my Mom and Joel - I'll post pics and the story tomorrow - this was inspired by a peacock wandering around the zoo - so glorious - and some concrete art work)


camport said...

The peacock! Seriously, amazing. You must have a very steady hand.

All of them are just great. I love the swirly verse. You're awesome!


Jude said...

They looks beautiful Kim! I love the colorfulness of them, and the verses are great... :)

Melissa said...

How fun....You are on a burst of creativity!!

:) Melissa

Scripture by Design said...

Love the verses...well done!

Casey x


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