Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Grateful for ...

1. a cup of hot chocolate on a very cold day!
2. Still being pregnant after the scare we had last week
3. My little boy running around the house with such joy and abandon tv so I can get a shower in the morning (and maybe a little blogging)
5. that I finally WANT to scrapbook
6. That my grandpa is still alive today ... but on his way to heaven soon to meet Jesus face to face
7. that my Mom has this time with Grandpa (I know she'll never regret this time investment)
8. For a furnace that I can start up (it's cold today!)
9. For my wonderful husband who works so hard so that I can stay home with our son. I really do appreciate it!
10. For afternoon naps (and the movie finding Nemo!)

Hope you have a wonderful day. (thanks to Ali Edwards for the idea ... it's good to be grateful)


Vee said...

awesome to be grateful! :)
have a great day Kim!

Liz Ness said...

Love reading the bits and pieces that fit together to make you grateful and such a cool person! (I'm so glad that your pregnancy is on track too -- best wishes to you for a perfect pregnancy and a smooth delivery followed by a healthy baby!)

Tannis said...

hello stranger! sorry I have been MIA! take it easy! no more pregnancy scares! plus...i have something for you and have not yet made it by to drop it off but I am coming so stay on the couch with your feet up! I also checked your design blog, love the new stuff momma!

Corey said...

Love your list Kim! Hope your having a great day!

Stacy said...

big hugs!!!! hey if you need any help let me know !!

camport said...

I heard it was cold there...

Glad the little one is doing well{and that you are, too!}


Hazel said...

Thanks for this, Kimberly - so good to remind ourselves of so much we have to be grateful for - that's a great list - particularly pleased that all is well with baby after the scare.

Jude said...

WHAT??? Furnace??? I still have the AC on and last night I was outside sweating at 8pm! I am ready for fall!! I love your list, and the things you took note of. :)

Melissa said...

Ok, now I am officially jealous. I want to turn on a furnace like RIGHT NOW.

It's AC season here STILL.

Love the list and glad to hear you are doing good..

Cheryl Wray said...

Yes, it's so good to be grateful!

Loved your list. Full of good, good things!

Stay healthy!


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