Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some happiness!

First of all, I must be feeling better because I've blogged four days in a row! Wow!

Second, the happiness! At least for me! Yesterday I went down to my scrap space to get working on some of my projects ... and wow I could be in there. My nose and my stomach were no longer rebelling the smell of the room. In fact it smelled quite pleasant in there! WOOOO HOOOO! So I cleaned up my desk and then proceeded to make two - yes two layouts! WOO HOOO! I'll show you the first here (my entry for this week's SALT challenge (all about God's promises).

Third, I had a Dr. appointment today ... all is well! The baby's heartrate was loud and strong and 162! Somehow hearing that heartbeat is the best sound in the world. Joel had his checkup today too - he's growing and developing well - and 23.2lbs.

And finally, Stacy came over yesterday and brought me some goodies from Scrapfest (so sad I missed it but excited to play with the two kits she gave me!) Thanks Stacy!


Stacy said...

np anytime in fact but next year we are going lol!!! and yes i am not staying in hotel again lol!!!!

camport said...

i absolutely love this LO! Is there a reason it's all pink?? Or are you just guessing?

glad you're feeling better.


Sarah said...

pictures always just amazing!! Beautiful layout. Take care of yourself. Sarah

Jude said...

Great LO and I am happy for you too! :) Gld your room is no longer puke inducing, that would have been a loooong 9 months if it had been! :)

Lynn said...

so glad you are feeling better again Kim! Love your layout! Gorgeous! Have a great day!


Hazel said...

Your contribution for the Salt challenge this time is so special - glad your check up with OK - praying for you and baby to keep well. I feel privileged to be part of the team with you talented girls.

amanda said...

The simplicity of this page makes it stunning.I love the contrast, the curves, the colors, and the content. So glad your scrappy stuff isn't smelling stinky to you anymore. That would be torture. I was always amazed how sensitive my nose became while pregnant.


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