Monday, September 10, 2007


I've been doing a lot of this lately! Naps in the afternoon, going to bed early - and trying to sleep late (although Joel interupts that quite well with a loud 'Mommy - MILK" and up off the couch I am getting him whatever it is he wants). Is it bad that we watch the morning kids shows?
Last night I was enjoying my dreams when I was awakened to an urgent call from my bladder (this baby is making itself known ... with wee kicks and full bladders) and then after sleeping for an hour my other baby calls "MOMMY MOMMY MOOOOOMMMMMMMY!" So up I stumble (have you ever got lost in your own room? I do most nights) But it melts my heart when I go to his room ... "Need Mommy, need Mommy" a cuddle, some milk and we're all back in our own beds snoring. I think it's funny that Matt never knows when Joel gets up in the night! But he is wonderful because in the morning if Joel is up before him, he'll go get him for a snuggle with me so I can get a few more winks in.


Corey said...

Do you feel more tired this time than you did with Joel? I remeber when I was expecting Megan, I just could NOT get enough sleep. Especially the first 12 weeks or so.
Funny that Matt doesn't here him at night. Pete is the exact same way. I'll tell him the next day that one of the kids was up durring the night and he's always "oh, really?" ummm yeah!
Get some more rest girl! Soon you'll be up all night!

Jude said...

You should sleep as much as you can woman!! You are making a human after all!LOL... And a few morning shows are okay, especially when you need a little more rest. :) I am so glad you are feeling those little kicks and even getting that bladder taken over... means that little one is growing!

Melissa said...

Kids shows are ok :)
Andy's also good about letting me sleep in when Tanner gets up early.

Liz Ness said...

I'm so glad you're getting some sleep in...that's the hardest part! Best wishes to you and your family!


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