Friday, September 07, 2007

Time for a post ...

So, I've been feeling fairly crappy for the past little while and have been taking full advantage of Joel's naps to have my own. This has been a big week ...
1. Camping on the weekend with my sister Kara and her husband Chris and baby Noah! Good times in Jasper with our new (1986) Rustler camping trailer! Thank God for that it's awesome and dry and so nice because there is no more sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground - the lap of luxury I say!

Joel playing in the rain (our first night - we couldn't get him away from it and it was SO cold!)

The boys (Noah and Joel):

Joel with his "cool dude hair" (Uncle Chris put "hair lotion" in it every morning)

My favorite place (Mt Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier - where Matt and I got engaged. This year I had to stay in the car because I was feeling so green - sniff)

Our campsite and the "new" trailer!

2. Some worries about the baby ... but I had an ultrasound yesterday and all is well ... one little baby moving and growing! Thank God!
3. I'm supposed to be at Scrapbooking convention called Scrapfest in Edmonton right now, taking a class from Vicki Boutin and some other good scrappers and shopping shopping and scrapping with my friend Stacy. But, I'm home - taking it easy. Which sucks but is also really good because I need to take care of me so that we can have this baby in March.
Not much else going on ... Joel is growing and talking - every day he has more words. I find it amazing how well he enunciates his words ... he'll practice and practice until he gets it right and I agree that it's a word. Except for Music -- he says something like muu kiss and auntie Allison - he says Asalyn. He'll get it though!


Melissa said...

Glad to hear all is well for you. You take care of yourself...and that little baby. :)

Corey said...

Joel looks so big! I love his hair! I'm also jealous of your mom had one just like that she was getting rid of and Pete didn't want it! :(
Take care of yourself, get lots of rest!
Been thinking about you!

Jude said...

The camping looks like fun, so sorry you are missing your scrap fest! :( Hope you are feeling back to normal soon, and praise God that the ultrasound was good!! :)

Lynn said...

Great pictures Kim!!!! I hope you get feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy is a real blessing and so celebrate the good parts and the bad grotty feelings will soon be forgotten. Sadly we are not so blessed and my heart still aches after all the mc's.

Take care and keep positive.


Stacy said...

k girly i missed you but i did have fun i got 7 prizes for us to divey??? up i sold 2 of your ticket ultimate crop and your jenn starr class (to me was very fun) market ticket to tannis i got 2 class kits for you and some money i will call and drop off tom (monday)


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