Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Practice

Maybe it's that I'm pregnant. Maybe it's just a really great show. I think maybe, both. Everytime I watch the Practice (the spin off of Grey's Anatomy about Addison) I cry. But then again I was watching Corner Gas ( a hilarious Canadian comedy about a little town in Saskatewan) and was laughing and then I was sobbing (I'm fairly sure that's hormones) last night.

On to other topics ... tonight I've felt lots of baby movements which has been cool and reassuring that all is well in there. I have another ultrasound next wednesday so it'll be great to see the progress. It is amazing to me how comforting it is to look at my ultrasound pics on the fridge. Everytime I open the fridge I have cause to smile! And Joel's noticed them too ... sometimes he'll point them out and say "Joel's baby on fridge" in his halting little voice. So sweet!

Some of Joel's favorite words ... "ta da" whenever he finds something or wants to show me something. "Thank you Mommy" or "Thank you Daddy" after we do something for him or after he does something for us! He's starting to say "please" even sometimes without me reminding him. He definitely has an opinion and can be quite stubborn if he doesn't want to do something. No more hugs, kisses, high fives or knuckles if I ask - only if it's his idea.


Cheryl Wray said...

Ta Da....Love it!!!!

I'm a sobbing sap all the time, so I can totally relate!

So exciting to hear the baby news. Sounds like you're doing great!

Stacy said...

i dont think the crying once your done having the kids either i still cry over commercials !!!

Tannis said...

I love when they start talking but then there are the days when you hear "why"? "why"? "why"? and you think holy crap! I am so glad your little one is strong and kicking! See ya saturday!

Melissa said...

LOVE it "ta-da" :) so darn cute. I cry at commercials ALL the time. There is one for a grocery store down here that totally makes me cry. It's only run during Valentines day. Basically, a little boy wants to make a cake for a girl at school. HOMEMADE. so, he and mom spend the whole day making it and then when he gets to school, the next morning, he "leaves" it with mom.
It was for her the whole time!!! So darn cute. Tears coming now..

Glad to hear all is good with the pregnancy :)

Corey said...

Oh yeah, I just watched Private Practice this morning. Totally cried. I mean, could you imagine if that happened to you? I cry about everything. I still cry every year when they play the 25 year old Folgers Coffee commercial where the son comes home from college. Choked up every time it comes on!
Glad to hear baby is doing well!

camport said...

Yay for a healthy baby and a funny little man!

I haven't watched Private Practice yet, but plan to. Now I'm intrigued!


Hazel said...

Awwww, Joel sounds so sweet. Great baby news - it will be exciting for you to see the next scan. Praying for you to keep well.

Liz Ness said...

Oh how cool that you are feeling the baby! Love that. HUGS and best wishes for a continued smooth pregnancy and delivery! All the best!


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