Friday, October 05, 2007

My Blogiversary

Yesterday was my "blogiversary" (as Nicole calls it). Hooray me! So in honor of a whole year of blogging I've started to put my year into a book form - thanks to Kal's suggestion and the Blurb Booksmart website. It's quite addicting! The fun part is that Matt is really excited about it too. I think it'll be cool to have a book form of my blog so that when I'm 80 I'll be able to look back at this eventful year because I have a book all about it! (And it has been an eventful year!!!)

This morning there was snow on the ground. It's getting cold and I'm really glad I have plans to go winter coat shopping for Joel because his fall jacket isn't going to cut it soon. We had a lovely day ... a playdate with my friend Cara and her son Cooper, a visit to see Grandma W at the Care home, some scrapping (woo hoo), and just the normal things of life like making supper (Swedish meatballs) and a bath and bedtime stories. Off I go to finish cleaning up the kitchen and then curl up in bed with a good book!

Just wanted to say a little something about swimming lessons .... Joel and I have so much fun (and we're both pooped when it's done and enjoy our afternoon naps). Joel is really good at blowing bubbles and putting his face in the water (he practices in the tub all the time) but he hates front and back floats - I try to get him to put his arms out like an airplane or a birdie but he'll have no part of that, he MUST have at least one hand on my arm to make sure I don't let go at all times. We'll keep working on it!


camport said...

I'm working on a Blurb book, too!

It's taking absolutely forever, as none of my pictures transfered over. I'm having to go back and resize every single picture and drag and drop...but I'm almost done!

I have too many blog posts to put into one book, so I'm just doing one year at a time, but plan on printing a book a year. That's the plan anyways.

I can't believe it's snowing there already! It's pretty cold here, but no snow. I'm cherishing the Fall b/c it looks like we heading back to Phoenix.

Anyways, happy blogiversary.


nicole said...

Happy Blogiversary Kim!!!
So glad to have met you through your blog. Always inspired by your words and your art!
And can't wait to see how your book turns out...I really need to get started on that project also - like you I think it will be so cool to look back on in later years.
Have a great weekend.

Corey said...

Happy Blogiversary! I think mine is coming up too...if I haven't past it already. Do show us your book when you get it done! I wanna see it :)
I can't believe it's snowing already. Crazy I guess you don't get much of a Fall around there. That's awesome about swimming lessons! Jake still won't do the back and front floats either. :( In time! Hope you have a great weekend!

Liz Ness said...

Awww...your swim story is so cute! Also, I dig your idea of transferring your blog to book form. Great concept! Might have to consider doing that myself.

beth said...

happy blogiversary to you! this whole blog thing is pretty cool. think of all the great friends we've made.

Carla said...

happy bloggerversary!!! hope you re feeling good :)

Melissa said...

Wow SNOW! We of course have no snow, but summer weather :)

What a great idea to make a book. What's the link??

Happy blogiversary :)

Tannis said...

I am wanting to put Vaughn in but he is too little still:(
I love the blurb book thing! do they copy all of your pics and everything??? That sounds so cool! I am going to have to check it out! Sorry i missed you on Saturday- Porter had to go back in for surgery on his arm saturday and waited from 8 am until 3 with no food again grrrr!

Ronda P. said...

umm did you say snow? I am not ready for that yet. Happy Blogiversary! I am so happy to call your friend thanks to this wonderful blog world. I hope the lessons keep going smoothly...the floating will come with time!


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