Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful weekend! Turkey dinner with both of the families (we were sad that Matt couldn't come to Edmonton with us though .... protecting life and property got in the way!) We had a fun little photo shoot in the leaves (the snow only lasted for the morning it came ... it's chilly here but not cold enough to keep snow). I am prepared now ... Joel has a new snow suit (jacket, pants, toque, mitts and scarf ... all from Children's place). Love that store - my sisters, Mom and the little boys had a shopping spree yesterday and then we went swimming at the Waterpark. An eventful weekend!

Today I had my 18 week ultrasound! There's a beautiful little baby growing inside of me and it is just so wonderful to peek a look at it! Long legs and arms and a beautifully formed head, the heart beating away and lots of moving! The ultrasound tech kept having to chase the baby around with her wand because he or she kept moving! And no we don't know. I like finding out when the baby is born - I opened my Christmas presents one year (found everyone of them before they were under the tree) and it was horrible. So, I like to keep it a surprise! Any ideas for a boy name though? We're stuck on this one!


nicole said...

Great pictures Kim...and glad to hear you had a good holiday..although I have to say thanksgiving in October is a hard thing to wrap my mind around :)
Oh names...LOVE coming up with names - not so good at actually deciding on - or maybe I should say agreeing on - others we had considered for our boys...Henry, Maxwell, Samuel, Charlie - do you have a girls name decided on already? really LOVED coming up with girls names!!

camport said...

LOVE the pictures!! What happened to "Liam?"

Any name you chose will be awesome.


Stacy said...

love those pics kim glad to hear you had fun !! and that nephew is sure getting to be a big boy wow and cute to!!!

Hazel said...

Beautiful photos, Kimberly. Glad you have had a good time. Great news on the scan!

mamaluke said...

well.. luke, ethan and jadon are kinda my faves! but then i am biased!!! names with meanings are good


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