Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joel - Paramedic or was that Cowboy?

Joel found an old stethoscope of mine a few weeks ago and joyfully yelled "Joel - parametic" (I know I spelled it wrong but that's how he says it). We keep telling him it's a stethoscope - he calls it that sometimes but mostly it's "Joel's parametic"!

He's so cute these days! Ever since we went to the chuck wagon races Joel has been talking about horses, wagons, races and cowboys. Grandma W. has been talking to him about cowboy boots - and he wants some (he said to her "stores open maybe?"). Last week he said to me "Joel ride horse someday?" "Sure" I said. Joel - "Mommy too". Me -"yes" Joel - "Joel cowboy maybe?" Me - "yes you are my cowboy"


Corey said...

Aww, that's cute! And cool that he can actually say parametic! That's a big word.
Loved your pics from Thanksgiving...we do not have pretty colors like that here in this part of California :(
Hope your having a great day Kim!

camport said...

oh my gosh he's so cute!! What's he going to be for Halloween?

Simon was a cowboy for his 2nd, and wants to be one again! We found him some very cute cowboy rainboots at the Stride Rite outlet here.

He had real cowboy boots, but they're way too small now and are tough to find! So the rubber cowboy boots will have to do.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


Liz Ness said...

Aww...and he's a cute cowboy, too!

Adie White said...

Break My Heart.


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