Saturday, October 13, 2007

Super Joel

Yesterday morning, I was reading blogs and Joel was in the kitchen playing. All the sudden I hear "super mommy!" And I say "Super Joel!" He comes running down the hall jubuliently waving his arms in the air yelling "SUPER JOEL!" All day he walked around yelling it and this morning too. SUPER CUTE! (and where was my camera?)

Another sweet thing ... he calls cucumbers "cutecumbers"!


Corey said...

he's got such a vocabulary! Cute-cumber..that is too cute!

Melissa said...

All caught up :)

I love the fall great! We are actaully getting some cooler weather here. Basically the humidity is gone. Did have one cool( 50s) morning while in Orlando.

Love the language of kids. Tanner calls a vaccum a "baboo" SO funny :)

I dont' think I could wait until baby comes to know what I would be having...I can't handle that! You go girl!

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!!! I LOVE it!!!!!


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