Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kinda Artsy!

This is a layout that could never be made in paper ... such a cool technique I learned from Jessica Sprague's psf#17. Used Tia Bennett's pp and embellishment, Kate Pertiet's grunge overlay, and the American typewriter font. Joel's watching Cars right now - he's grouchy because he refuses to have a nap off to go check on him.

Anybody got a discipline that will work for a 2 year old - everything I've tried is a game to him -- the naughty chair, timeouts -the only thing that sorta works is just taking away his present toy and distracting him. He seems to think that disobediance is "funny". Grr - thanks for letting me vent.


Melissa said...

LOVE the layout!
Wish I had some advice...I am in the same boat as you with Tanner. So not a god thing happening in my house right now..

camport said...

You're so good at being a Mommy, that I sometimes forget he's your first.

Just roll with it. I have to come up with new ways to discipline every single day.

It's just a stage. The being bad= funny phase stops just long enough for the back talk stage to begin.


btw, I must say{again}that you have totally found your thing. Corey and I agreed on this very thing when she was here{or there, you know what I mean}. She said the same thing, I've been saying since you posted your very first digi LO. You are really, really, really good at this whole digital thing. I am so very impressed!


Ronda P. said...

First off, your layout is beautiful. You are rawking the Digi play!

Parenting...remember to remain consistent & persistent. Like Chrissy said, it is a phase.

Corey said...

Yep, I remember this phase clearly. (and I'm going through it with Megan right now) I don't have much help other than 3 is much better. Jake turned into a completely different kid when he turned 3 and now that he's 4, he's pretty darn good most of the time! So, it's coming. Just hold on for the ride!
And yep, what Chrissy said I said is absolutely true. You SO rock the Digi it's not even funny.

Lynn said...

Great layout Kim! Sorry hunny no answers in this department you would think I know but I am still trying to figure it all out! I was laughing at the 'just a stage' comment I am still saying that and the oldest is 21! lol

Hazel said...

Such a beautigul LO - Joel has such a gorgeous smile - he looks as if he could never be naughty - and yet, he looks like a mischief! Hang on in there - he'll get tired of the 'it's funny' stage (mind you, he might swap it for another stage ... lol!)

beth said...

you are doing an awesome job on the digi stuff. i really like this one.

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE this!!!!!! The colors are gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Liz Ness said...

Love that layout...submit, submit!

=) Seriously, it's great and if your up to doing such a thing, you should consider submitting it to a magazine!

Also, two can be such a hard age for kids. What you're doing sounds in timeout or something that means a lot is a great tool. But, it doesn't always work because two is the age of testing the boundaries and celebrating a new sense of control...even if it leads to greater trouble in the end. So, I guess that makes two a little bit about discovery, too.

Anyway, HUGS to you from a mom that has those moments, too! And, a reminder that you are a great's so clear to see, just by your blog!


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