Saturday, November 17, 2007

Moving Out!

It's been a Billy Joel month for our family! Two weeks ago we went to his live concert and last night we went on a triple date with Matt's parents, his sister and fiance, and us first to Earls for supper (my favorite) and then to see the Broadway show Moving Out! It was soooo good! They had a live band and piano man that told the story through song and a cast of dancers who told the story through dance. It was beautiful and touching. I really enjoyed it! As Allison said, "it's good when your best friends are your family". I totally agree!

We are back home now, Matt's back at work and Joel and I are going to have a relaxing afternoon watching Veggie Tales and maybe scrapping a little! I cleaned up my scrap room this week and now I'm even more inspired to scrap!


Hazel said...

Glad you had a good time.

Corey said...

you've been out having lots of good times lately! Sounds really fun. :)
I found out we know people from Red Deer! (well besides you!) Pete was asking me where all my CJ friends were from and I had mentioned you were Canadian...anyways I guess there are a few people that come to our church conventions are from Red Deer. I had no idea!
Hope your having a great weekend!

Cheryl Wray said...

How FUN!!! I have heard that is a really fun show!!!

Melissa said...

Love a clean scrap space...


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