Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What a great day! I Joel got two playdates with some of our favorite friends (while their Mom's went to some appointments!) Joel and I had so much fun and now we're both TIRED! Hopefully it'll be an early night for both of us (but I am gearing up to watch my favorite tear jerker show Private Practice - I think I like it better then Grey's - gasp!)

Some fun things Joel has been saying lately :
Holy Smokes
And today I heard him singing along to one of the songs on our favorite CD - Sir Oliver's song.

Here's today's digi creation:

Design: J. Sprague (followed photoshop friday #26 - scalloped edges tutorial); PP: Kelli Mize (Designer Digitals), Journal Spot: K. Pertiet (Designer Digitals), Letters: J. Sprague, Fonts: Chalk Board and American typewriter


Melissa said...

Playdates are so much fun! Love that he says, Holy Smokes! Tanner has been saying, Okeedokee :)

camport said...

dang it! I forgot it was Wed, and I missed P.P.!

I do like it better than Grey's, way better.

Love the digi page, too!


Corey said...

he says holy smokes? That is hilarious!
I totally love private practace too! last weeks was SO good. I might agree..better than Greys though, I'm not ready to give up on them yet :)


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