Monday, November 26, 2007

A few things ...

Joel has some really cute little words/sayings I don't want to forget!
- Joel needs an IDEA!
- what dat?
-what iss?
-hallelujah (all jambled together and so cute)
-always be true (the lines from one of the songs we sing)

We has a lovely day yesterday! First Matt took the whole week off work so he's been able to get some stuff done on his list that has been weighing him down! Hooray! And yesterday he took the day off to spend with Joel and I! We went to church and then he watched football all afternoon (while I did some scrapping!) We were very happy that the Saskatewan RoughRiders won the Grey Cup (although we are more of NFL watchers than CFL) Can you believe it? I actually really enjoy watching football! Something that I didn't even understand before this year! Matt watches it and is a huge GreenBay Packers fan so I decided to join him on the couch on Sunday's instead of being annoyed that he was watching football and I wanted to do something else! I even have my own team that I cheer for - the Seattle SeaHawks! And I make sure that there are always chicken wings in the freezer for a Sunday afternoon treat!

Here's some art from the past week:


Corey said...

hi Kim! Glad you got some extra family time in! Matt is a lucky guy to find a woman who likes football and suplies hot wings!

Tannis said...

you are a good woman...I would make football snacks and bring em in at half time but sit and watch???? I think not. Hope your tummy is growing biggerish everyday. big kiss!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all three of those layouts. They are gorgeous!!!

And the "Joel needs an idea" is too cute!!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous LOs. Your Salt one shines out so well - beautiful display of faith

Melissa said...

You watch football..amazing. In our house, it doesn't even go on (!), shocking, I know. But, we are not sports people.

Andy is big into movies. He loves all sorts, except for chick flicks. (of course)


Liz Ness said...

Yeah! A football watcher! I used to watch (I knew more about the sport than my hubby when we married, heh-heh). Now, I'm sadly out of the loop. Still, it makes me smile that you've joined the club!

Also, what awesome pages you've made! So glad you share the inspiration!

Jude said...

Yeah for the NFL!! We love to watch and that is our Sunday thing too, (i guess that is a good thing since I am in a house of boys huh?) Glad Matt got to take some time off too. LOs look great as usual!!

Stacy said...

he he joel lol!! so funny i think i forgot to leave a comment the other day i miss you we need to scrap soon!!

Sharmaine said...

gorgeous layouts!!

Gillian :O) said...

Kim your ART is always so Elegant and Stylish I love the way you seem to know just the right amount of embellishments on your work to make it look so perfect!
I so love your Salt LO esp :)


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