Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Gratitude

1. That Joshua is sleeping through the night (just wish Joel was these days. Going to Edmonton messed that up but we'll get back on track ... )
2. Joshua is growing - he's having baths in the big bathtub now because he just doesn't fit into the baby one, and I'm putting away his newborn clothes ... pulling out the 3 month clothes (it's sweet putting him in Joel's old clothes, it brings back lots of memories).
3. Joel is growing too ... I've had to put away some of his clothes too, and move up the straps on his carseat.
4. Joel and I finished swimming lessons this week ... we had so much fun, learning to trust, learning to float and glide and blow bubbles. It was great bonding and one on one time! Looking forward to the next lessons (so thankful for Grandma W and her watching Josh so we could play - thanks!)
5. The weather is awesome ... I love spring with all the blossoms on the trees and the flowers growing! Gotta sneak out some time and buy flowers, and I think tomorrow I'll plant my veggie garden!
6. Playdates ... the had 3 this week - so glad to have friends!
7. I went out with the girls last night. It was good to have sometime just to be me and not "mama".
8. Going for supper tonight with Matt's family .... so excited to see Clarke and Kim!
9. Looking forward to seeing Grandma and Grandpa this weekend ... I love weekends when we hang out with family. So much fun (and great opportunities for photo ops and stories!)
10. Life is good! Thank you Lord for life, love and family (and scrapbooking too!)

PS. I won a RAK from Lisa Sisneros (an awesome digi designer for Little Dreamer Designs). You can check out her sweet comments about me (toot toot) on her blog here and her designs at Little Dreamer Designs. I made the Laughing on the Couch layout using her Brand New Day kit which was my gift from her! Thanks Lisa!


Melissa said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for...All of them are great!

So happy to hear great updates on both of your little boys...

Stacy said...

cool to have two growing boys!!! miss ya lots will have to have ascrap afternoon soon !!!!

nicole said...

great stuff Kim!
totally relate to using the clothes over a second time...somethings I did keep for just Jack - but most are making a reappearance on Will :)
So happy for you and all the happiness you have in your life!


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