Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got my mojo back! Woohoo! For the past few weeks I've been just taking pictures, enjoying the warm weather and my boys and I haven't felt like I had any stories I needed or wanted to tell ... I felt kinda flat - but my creative juices are running again ... Ali Edwards says there are cycles ... I just like the creative making stuff part of the cycle (but the living the stories, taking pictures and having fun is good too!)

Here is my layout for Unpubbed this week (lifting Nicole):

And my layout for OLW (the word is THINK)


Corey said...

glad you got your mojo back!! It defintitely comes in cycles for me too! Last week-I was way up high. Today I'm pretty low but i'm trying to bring it around again.
Love both of your pages! The pictures are excelent!

camport said...

yup, I'm in a down swing. No LO's AND no pictures! I'm getting there.

LOVE the FRINK! How cute is that?!?


nicole said...

great layouts kim!
totally know what you mean about cycles too...when it is there for me it is there and when it's not I just have to walk away or I get way to frustrated.
glad to hear it's back for you though!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ... you are and your work!
Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I like your mom's comment - ditto that :)

What was he doing to make the boys laugh on the couch? ter

Jude said...

I do not think you could ever lose your mojo! You always have something great up your sleeve!

Louise said...

I love your mum's comment toooo and Ill ditto it tooo :)


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