Sunday, May 18, 2008

Josh is now 4 months old. Wow the time has flown! He's almost 12 pounds, is such a happy baby and he smiles so much. He is a joy! Joel is almost 3 - he can open the fridge, count to 12, sing the alphabet song, he's always looking for letters and can write J and O (the other day he even spelled his name but that is hit or miss), he is polite - usually (please, thank you) - he's getting to be such a big boy!

Today I got the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 program in preparation for the next Jessica Sprague class I plan on taking in June! It's awesome! Looking forward to getting some use out of it ... really enjoying digi scrapping even though it's eating up my harddrive with all the goodies I have bought in the last few months (not to mention all the pictures I take!) I haven't found much time for scrapbooking or blogging lately because of the munchins ... Joel has been outside almost all day these days playing in the sandbox (it's been so beautiful and hot here lately ... the flowers are finally starting to bloom and the leaves are out!)


Anonymous said...

I've heard farmers say that when the sun shines, make hay. Well I say: when the sun shines make pictures. (Scrap em later...we have 8 months of winter you know :)

Love the pics. Have fun in the sun with your little men.

Jude said...

I cannot believe he is 4 months old already!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you are enjoying being a mommy of two boys :) Have fun in the warm weather!!

Melissa said...

4 months?!?!?!?! that is crazy :)

enjoy the time you have with them in the sunshine and scrap them later! and i can't wait to see what other exciting layouts your produce! btw...where are you taking your classes at?

Hazel said...

Love all these photos, Kimberly. Gosh, 4 months old - and truly a scrummy boy - and Joel as well - what super little lads.

Stacy said...

how cute are those boys!!!! sorry matt lol!!! hope you had a great weekend so sorry we could not scrap today we will soon !!!


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