Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Garden Update ...

So I believe the last garden report's growth will end up getting pulled ( I think it's a weed, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt for a few more days). BUT,

I know that this is a BEAN!!!!! Yippeeee! Growing a garden is quite fun ... we check it every day!

Here are some layouts from this week:

Off to go watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! I love this show ... already hooked!


Stacy said...

awwwww!!! so cute and i think your right looks like a weed better pull lol how is your week? i may drop off those diapers this week sometime !

Cheryl Wray said...

Those layouts are both just GORGEOUS!!!!! And yay for the garden!!!

Melissa said...

Yea for gardens growing!! Can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said... these pages. Your children have such sweet and intellegent gazes!

Anonymous said...

love, love so you think you can dance!!! i watch it too!!! love gardens!!! i discovering a new love for gardening!!! it's so exciting when things start to pop up and you see the results of your work!!!all of our veggies came up...can't wait for them to grow so we can pick!!!

have a fabulous evening!!

Kara said...

I really like this one... the photo is beautiful... and so is the boy.


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