Thursday, June 12, 2008

I spy, a beard and a garden update ...

I spy some numbers (on our fridge of course ... usually these are curling rocks, or hockey pucks) and I spy something relaxing! Last night my husband came home from a 6 day fishing trip (YIPPPPPEEEE!)-- he was WAY WAY up north in Saskatewan and there is no phone reception at the lake they flew into so it was a lonely 6 days. This morninghe let me sleep in and go get a pedicure! SOOO relaxing!

Every night (well almost every night) Joel gets a bath before bed ... every bath has to have Tow Mater bubbles (I found bubble bath in the shape of an oil can with Tow Mater on it ... we love Cars here). Lately he has been putting on a bubble beard and "scraping" it off just like Daddy does. So so sweet!

And ... we have carrots! WOO HOO! Wonder what will be next? Also wondering if I planted these seeds too deeply?


nicole said...

very cool pics kim!
how nice that matt is home now and that he gave you some time 'off' sometimes just an hour away can make such a difference! Also awesome about the carrots - glad to see they are making progress :)

Jude said...

when you read all that title together it makes for a funny read!! LOL. I am all for giving the mister three thumbs up... letting YOU sleep in and go get a pedi on Father's day weekend... very nice!

Anonymous said...

I have carrots too!!

Auntie Allison

beth said...

looks great kim.
i want to get a pedi, too. maybe soon.

thanks for always playing along!

happy spying.

O said...

Nice spy's/spies --??--. ANYhoo...cute red toes...that would go for this week's spy of something red! Cute bubblebath boy :) Congrats on the carrots coming up. I'm trying tomatoes for the first time this year. Good luck!


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