Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cupcakes and Coffee quotes

"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another." - George Elliot-

"He is the cheese to my macaroni" -Juno-

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh-

"We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out at the future together." -Brian Andres-

I am so enjoying this scrapbooking class ... it is fun to work with paper and glue and my sewing machine. I've been working on the kitchen table so that I can interact with the boys ... Joel is coloring and Josh is smiling as always! Working on a sweet mini made out of the sleeve from my Starbucks cup! That Wilna is so inspiring!

Onto other news ... Josh is growing so fast! I made him Butternut Squash puree today and he loves it! He is just about sitting up on his own (he can sit in a tripod but quickly falls over) and he can stand (with assistance of course!) I'm so loving being a stay at home Mama ... this is the best job in the whole wide world!


Stacy said...

cute!!! i made a starbucks cup for sissy last year! i may have to have a hands on look at it soon!

camport said...

it really is the best job ever. Though I can't ever remember other employees being quite so aggravating at times. Then again, I never had to put them to bed.


Melissa said...

what a cutie :)
and, you are so right, such a good job being a mommy. even when they throw a tantrum because the spider man outfit is still dirty because he wore it the day before and i haven't done the laundry yet.

almadr said...

thanks for great quotes.
and the little one looks adorable :-)
have a nice day

Lynette said...

Thanks for the quotes...I am somewhat of a collector of quotes and wordart.

nicole said...

he is so adorable!!! and I think he looks more like you every time I see a photo of him :)

Hazel said...

Josh is so gorgeous - both boys are - so much to be thankful for - so precious a time

Anonymous said...

You have one of the cutest families!

Jude said...

that is the cutest picture of him!! I so wish I could come hold him!!


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