Friday, September 19, 2008

I Spy and some friday gratitude ...

something creative. I sure am enjoying Wilna's class ... paint, glue, modge podge, paper, canvases, pictures -- what more could a girl need to get creative?

and my keys. A great prompt ... because in 20 years will I remember what my keys looked like in 2008? Probally not -- do you think we'll even have keys then?

So thankful for:
1. Milestones ... Josh has learned to sit up on his own (in a tripod and pretty wobbly, but, we're getting there!)

2. Walks to the park ... so much fun (and good exercise)!

3. Wilna's cupcake and coffee class ... here's pics from today's canvas project and yesterday's mini out of a starbucks cup sleeve! (all artwork designed by Wilna).

4. A date with Matt ... Matt's wonderful parents watched the boys so Matt and I could go on a date last night! We went to Earl's (my favorite restaurant) and then for a walk! What a delight to spend some "alone" time with my man!

5. Waiting ... I know that sounds funny, but, I'm having fun waiting for the phone to ring saying my sister is in labour. I called her twice today (and my Mom once just to make sure and not to bug Kara too much!) I can't wait to meet the new addition to our family!


Stacy said...

hey those are beautiful!!! and what cute boys josh looks like he loves the swing!!

beth said...

look at you!
super cool.
happy spying.

nicole said...

LOVE love love that photo for creativity!!! the blues are awesome! and the keys too :) totally what I thought about having a picture of keys too.
that mini looks so great - very inspired to try out some paint!
and completely know what you are going through with your is so exciting to be on the 'other side' of waiting for babies!
have a great weekend kim.

Melissa said...

Love the creative stuff you are making in that class! I am thinking of signing up for a class also....something to jump my creative bug.

Can't wait to hear about the news on baby!!!

Hazel said...

You're obviously enjoying Wilna's class - great crafting.

Jude said...

noce work on the ispy and the mini!!

O said...

What great photos for the spy challenge! The art class looks like such a fun one. The style is Kal Barteski-esque, to me & I love that! That mini album is super sweet too.

How fortunate you are to have a m-i-l/grandma to watch your boys while you go on a date with your husband. Sounds like you had a nice time.

One last thing...yay for Josh & his sitting up skillz! :) AND congrats on becoming an auntie again.


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