Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some pics ...

Matt and I took the boys to the park this week ... all dressed up! We wanted some pictures of them in their little suits before they both grew out of them! They are both growing so quick ... Josh is just about in 12 month clothes and Joel is growing out of all his pants! Also Josh got a tooth today! Hooray his first tooth!

We went to visit baby Jordan this weekend (and everyone else too). He's so beautiful and doing so well!

I'm starting Ali Edward's A week in the Life project tomorrow morning ... you can check it out here.


nicole said...

beautiful photos kim!!
All those boys are such cuties.

Hoping to do the week in the life project too...have two sick kids (and another shortly behind I'm sure) so we'll see how that goes :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Those little boys are TOO cute!! Thanks for sharing!

I also saw Ali's project idea and I'm thinking of trying it too!

Jude said...

ACk! Too much growth going on in your house Kim!! The pics are adorable, Josh always smiles so nicely!!

Stacy said...

look at those hansome boys!!!

Melissa said...

How handsome are they! I love little boys in suits :)
I am doing the Life class also, this time will be my second time around as I took it at CKU 2007.

Looking forward to it :)

Captain van de Kamp said...

Aww! Love these pictures!

Hazel said...

How cute and smart are the boys in their suits! Totally scrumptuous!


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