Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday (A week in the Life project)

These are my favorite photos from yesterday:

Me and Joel at the swimming pool =) Bathing beauties LOL!

Josh having a nap at Grandma's when we went to pick him up after swimming lessons.

A confused tree at our friend's house (thanks for supper Krista!) The tree is blooming ... in September!

So thankful for:

1. Some me and Joel time (swimming lessons) ... love having a designated time to spend just with him every week ... one on one, learning and playing together. This is our last parented swimming class and I'll miss our time together ... have to come up with something creative when our lessons are done.

2. Joel is doing so well ... in our last swimming lessons (a few months ago) he was quite timid, these lessons he is jumping into my arms with no fear from the edge of the pool, and trusting me to hold onto him while we float (especially front float).

3. Good friends. We had a play date today ... so wonderful ... and an surprize meal with them too!

4. Coming home to a clean house ... we have a house keeper she's awesome!

5. Grandma W ... so thankful that I can drop Joshua off (and Joel too) with her. I never worry about the kids when they are in her care. So glad Joel and Josh will get to know their Grandparents and have a close relationship with them. (I never really had that with my Grandparents and I wish that I could have.)


nicole said...

what a great start on the project kim...also working through my photos right now (hoping through blogs as I wait fo them all to download :)
also signing up the kiddos for swim lessons starting in nov - trying to schedule it so I can go with each one by themselves - think it is great that you two have that time together!

caro said...

okay, so every blog-friend I peek in on today, is doing it - the Ali thing. I just wanna join! BUT, I have exams next week - two of them - so I'll have to be the late starter...

your swimming looks so cosy. It is a special time, the water gives them so much freedom!

Melissa said...

great pictures....
and that is great about the swim lessons!


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