Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday (A week in the Life project)


Homemade sweet potato and broccoli baby food:

Josh isn't so sure about it (I think it's the texture).

Carrots from the garden! Woo hoo!

Thank goodness for crazy glue ... I stepped on this the other day and fixed it good as new!

So much fun ... Joel and I have been playing hide and seek all day (J: "Where's Joel?" Me finding him wrapped in the shower curtain or behind his little hands ... Joel giggling hysterically (and me too!) Love this kid!

Matt and Josh ...

A bubble bath beard (we call them Tow Mater bubbles in our house -- I bought Joel Tow Mater bubble bath - the bottle looks like an oil bottle and has Tow Mater on the front).


Just to note ... I wasn't really driving in this photo. (Had to clarify that one to Matt).

I read Psalm 121 almost every day ... my Grandpa's favorite psalm and it has such amazing promises!

I dug up the potatoes yesterday too ... and this afternoon while making scalloped potatoes for supper I noticed this one looks like a heart =)

I bought this book today at Walmart ... I can hardly put it down! It's been so long since I read a novel ... I'm so enjoying snatching moments to read!


Corey said...

great shots kim!
I'm really enjoying seeing little sneaks of everyones every day life!

Jude said...

love these pics Kim!! I got one me reading today too!! :)

Melissa said...

such fun!
i so much enjoy seeing how others spend their days :)

caro said...

If his food HAS to be green, maybe he'll prefer mashed banana with a dash of avo? My guy loved that as a first food, and now he doesnt believe me when I try to give him ave. Broccoli's still not on!! Fun 'n games...


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