Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thursday and Friday (Week in the Life project)


How I start every morning ... with a cup of earl grey tea in my favorite mug (I made it in pottery class in 2003).

I got my 10 year long service award today from the Hospital. This is me and my boss.

A trip to the park ... it's so beautiful this week ... 26 degrees C today

Joel created this picture of a golf club and ball (just for Auntie Adie).


Garbage day:


nicole said...

great photos kim!
love getting all these glimpses into everyones life from a little different angle.

Corey said...

i think it's great you got the trash! it is very much part of every day :)
Funny to see you Canadians wearing shorts in October!

Anonymous said...

Jed signed out that very book from the library this week. So excited about it. :)

Nice to get a glimpse into your everyday life.

caro said...

our photo's are so beautiful. enjoyed the peek, especially Joel's excellent picture!VERY good for a young man to get his ideas down. Nice to know we are both from a medical background too ...
I hope I get a chance at this 'week' album someday, after exam-time...

PS in our family, we either call that "early brown" or "perfume" tea, 'cos my granny always had cute names for stufff like that!

caro said...

oops, that typo fragqhshould have read: "Your photo's..."

camport said...

Love those pics! Josh looks HUGE asleep on Matt like that. I can't believe how big he is, every time you post a pic of him! And Joel with his drawing, too cute.

Happy Sunday! Did you take your camera to church??


Melissa said...

great pictures.... :)
And Josh is so goodness!! It must be all that yummy homemade food you make!


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