Monday, January 05, 2009

Like riding a bike ...

except that the bike has been painted, and I'm riding it with different people ...

I am no longer a stay at home Mom. Today was my first day back. I work in Emergency as a registered nurse. This week I'm having buddy shifts to get re-orientated to my old stomping grounds (except that most of my friends have moved on - having babys, going to new jobs etc ... so there are many new faces. And they have changed some of the processes in the department.) Looking forward to the day that I actually feel like I know more than a handful of people. As for the new processes ... I'm sure I'll figure that out quickly too. It really is like riding a bicycle. I still know how to be a nurse.

Some observations:
1. They must have changed the handsoap, because my hands are not nearly as raw as they used to be at work (of course this is day one).
2. I don't worry about the boys ... because I know they are in good hands with Grandma.
3. I love my husband! It was really really nice to see Matt (he brought us a patient) and made a point of coming to find me. This won't happen often because we're going to try and work around his schedule so Grandma doesn't have to be here all the time.
4. My boys grow when I'm not at home. I got home and thought Joel looked especially tall and grown up. Sniff.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you especially these days. Hope that you use all the 2008 courage to keep your 2009 peace. :)


Anonymous said...

awww...i know how tought hat is...they grow so fast...especially in the moments we're not kidlets always seem to grow with leaps and bounds when in school!!!

happy new year kim!!!!

camport said...

Here's to you! I'm so glad that you don't have to worry about your boys while your at work. The patients will benefit greatly by having you back!


nicole said...

I think it is so great that you are back to work kim...although I'm sure it is hard - at least you have a great sitter lined up :)
will be thinking of you as you transistion to this new stage!

Melissa said...

Yeah for soft hands :)
I'm glad you made it through the day...can't wait to hear more about it next week :)

Hazel said...

Hope you're feeling more settled in with each day. x

Louise said...

Ooooh Kim Observation No.4 mad me sniff toooooo.

Hang in there, some days you will smile lots!!!!!!!!!

Lou X

Jude said...

aw, Kim... I hoep it goes well, and I know you miss the boys. I will say a prayer for you especially about this!!


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