Saturday, January 10, 2009

This baby ...

photo taken in December 2008 (honestly I have taken barely any pictures this year ... and haven't uploaded any yet from my camera)

This baby ... woke up this morning at 0700 (way too early for a Saturday morning I would say) and was sitting up in his crib when I found him! HOORAY Josh! A first for him! He's getting so big ...
- he can now sit up on his own from lying down!
- he can creep along the floor ... Matt put him in our play room and he moved himself all the way to Daddy in the office (which is just a room away but it's just so amazing to watch this baby grow and develop and learn!)
- he is wearing size 3 diapers and is starting to grow out of 12 month clothes ... very soon (like today) I'll need to pull out my stash of 18 month clothes.

Some big changes happening here in my life. I am no longer am any scrapbooking design teams. Unpubbed decided to close the doors last month, and I have decided that with going back to work I needed to free up some more time to be present with my family, so I have ended my commitment to SALT. I think this will be good for me. A little breather. I have so many projects I started last year that I want to finish. Projects like:
- December Daily (still got some work to do on this ...)
- A Week in the Life (this I started in September and is so close to completion ... I just have to finish it)
- Putting all of the HUNDREDS of pictures I took and printed into photo albums.
- Our Love Story (a class I took in 2007 ... still gotta do this whole project! EEEEEK!)
So, one of my goals for this year is to FINISH WHAT I START ... so this list will motivate me ... I hope!

I'd better sign off ... Matt and I have a date to go cross county skiing this morning! Have a peaceful day!


caro said...

Shalom, my friend, shalom. great word. great choice. Hope 2009 treats you well!

Hazel said...

Super photo today, Kimberly. You know how much we'll miss you on Salt, but understand - hope you get through your list this year! x

Anonymous said...

this baby is adorable!!! love this stage of exciting!!!

i have a few projects to finish from last year and maybe a bit further back than that...oops!!

good luck!!! hope you had a blast x-ctry skiing!!!

have a fabulous evening!

Stacy said...

i am wonderng if your available sunday i will call you in the am

Sharmaine said...

Hi Sweetness
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your wonderfully supportive words, they are appreciated.
Hope you have fun skiing, I long to take Dave one day!

Lythan said...

We will miss you Kimberly but I admire you for making the decision. I'll be praying for you with your demanding job that you will be able to juggle all your priorities for a fulfilling and God centred life

Jude said...

man, I need to make that resolution too!
Hooray for Josh and all the milestones! You know, Alden can still wear some 12 month clothes, and alot of my 18 month are too big for him! Funny how he was so much bigger than Josh at birth, and now, they are "caught up"!! LOL! :)

Melissa said...

OH my, I have so many things to finish. I need a week free of kids, husband and housework to get it all done....

by then, I'll be farther behind!

And what a cutie Josh is!


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