Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some moments I want to remember ...

Yesterday morning ... it was beautiful. The temperature was just around zero and I thought it would be perfect snowman weather. So I put Joshua down for a nap and Joel and I went outside (in the front yard). We were so disappointed because it was not perfect snowman weather. The snow was dry (not sure if that makes sense ... it was like ice crystals and had no stickability at all). So, we said hi to the neighbours and trudged back inside.

Several years ago, I was given a snowman kit. Because we had run out of carrots I thought it was the perfect time to use it. Joel decided he would be the snowman this afternoon seeing as we couldn't build one.

Later in the day, I looked out the window and our across the street neighbours had built awesome snowmen in their front yard. Yippee. So out we went again (Daddy was home so he played with Josh). And success. Sort of. The snow was much more sticky then this morning but not perfect ... I guess the neighbours got more sun than we did. But, we were delighted!

Another memory I want to remember ...

This afternoon Joel and I went and ran some errands. I had to pick up a book at Chapters and so I used the opportunity to have a little date with Joel (seeing as Starbucks is there and I do love Tea Mistos). Joel had a little hot chocolate and we sat at a table chattering away. I love my boy so much.

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