Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Gratitude

Tuesday Gratitude:
1. Celebration. We had such a fun birthday party for Josh on Sunday. So glad we have such wonderful family and friends. Thanks for loving us ... and spoiling Josh!
2. My husband. So thankful for you Matt. You are such a wonderful Daddy to our sons ... I'm so thankful that while I'm at work I don't need to worry about the boys because you are with them.
3. Pep talks. I came home from work somewhat upset about the day and how it unfolded. Matt gave me a pep talk about confidence and I think it will really help.
4. My kids. So wonderful to spend the day with them today. Love Joel's constant companionship and Joshua's smiles.
5. Sleeping in. Got to do that today. You'd think I was a teenager =)
6. Cross Country skis. So looking forward to our next skiing date ... this time the kids can come - we got Joel his own skis and Josh can go in the sled!
7. Living at such a time as this. This morning I watched some of Barack Obama's presidaential inauguration. I am a Canadian and found it very interesting to watch. I appreciated that he mentioned "parents nurturing their children" as being important.


Melissa said...

It was a great morning here too, watching the inauguration. I felt proud to be an American.

Such a CUTE picture of the birthday boy!! :)

Hazel said...

What a great photo of Josh! So much to be thankful for. x

Jude said...

What a great list Kim! I used to love to cross-country ski in the fields behind our house... :) Have a fun time with the kiddos along too! :)


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